Friday, 4-28-17

The Warren/Sterling Heights Elks Club will be open at 2:00pm.

Dinner from 5:00pm - 8:00pm

Our new and improved “Fresh” hamburger.
Continuing our introductory price . . .
$3 for 1/3 pounder with fries & coleslaw (also new and improved)
$4 for 1/2 pounder with fries and coleslaw (add 25c for cheese)

Our goal is to make these the best bar burgers ever!

$10 Lake Perch dinner
$ 9 Shrimp dinner
$ 8 Beer battered Cod dinner
$ 8 Meat Loaf with potatoes, vegetable salad & roll
Fish & Shrimp dinners include fries, cole slaw and a role

Warren/Sterling Heights Elks
Schoenherr at Frazho (10½ Mile)

See you there


Coming Saturday, May 6th

___7:00pm - 10:30pm



Looking for a DJ that won't break your budget?

Try ESPNBruce

Extremely reasonable prices - negotiable

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24436 Van Dyke (5 blocks south of 10 Mile), Center Line 586 757-7575

Great Square Pizza


Tender Corned Beef


Fridays - FRESH PERCH DINNERS (best in Macomb County)

Last Started 7-28-13

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